Yahtzee Party Game Technical Support

Yahtzee party Pogo game is a synchronized multiplayer game where players have 6 minutes to complete the 13 rounds of Yahtzee. By using the classic Yahtzee rules, you have to score as many points as possible. Yahtzee party game is competitive as well as cooperative. While playing Yahtzee party Pogo game, your main focus is to get “Upper ScoreCard Bonus” and “Large Straight”. If you don’t have them then you will need Yahtzee to get a spin. If you have any confusion related to Yahtzee party game then don’t worry, just get in touch with Yahtzee party technical support.

How Can You Play Yahtzee Party On Pogo?

If you have ever played Yahtzee party game then definitely you better know that this game is especially for multiple people. If you have free membership on Pogo, then you can play this game with others and earn coins.

Have A Look At These Steps To Play Yahtzee Party On Pogo

  1. 1. First and foremost, open your favorite web browser and navigate to www.pogo.com.
  2.  Next, sign into Pogo website and then move directly to the Yahtzee Party start page. After that, tap on “Start Game” button.
  3.  Wait for a few couples of moments until advertisements finishes. Once advertisements get a finish, a message will appear on the screen. On the other hand, if you have paid Club Pogo membership then you need not worry about advertisements and you can directly start your game.
  4.  Before starting Yahtzee Party games, read all instructions carefully.
  5.  Now, let your system make the first roll. Click on blue cap button that is located in the bottom right corner and accomplish each successive roll.
  6.  Hold each die as you have to save it for 3 rolls time. Then place the held dice in the 5 slots that are present below the game rolling board and in the left of the blue rolling cup.
  7.  In the next step, you have to score each round of rolls by clicking on the scoring category. If you finish the category definition before the end of 3 rolls only then you can click the category.
  8. Save your score by clicking on the blue cup. Now you have to recognize how Yahtzee Bounces are scored. You will not only receive the coins for the category but also receive 100 additional coins for each Yahtzee bonus.
  9.  Now, you have to recognize what happens once you rolled the 13 rounds of Yahtzee dice.
  10.  The game will be over when Game Over Box displays on the screen. Also, the tokens that you have scored will get added to your profile.

What To Do If The Error Arises While Playing Yahtzee Party Game?

You need not get worried a little bit if Yahtzee party game gets hanged, just communicate with experts by calling on Yahtzee Party Tech Support Number and get the prompt guidance. No matter if you need Yahtzee party game setup support or want to know about the rules of Yahtzee party game, please feel free to contact Yahtzee party game support as here experts are always available to assist you. So, what are you waiting for, just play Yahtzee party game with friends and family without any hassle. If you like to learn more about how to play Yahtzee party game, feel free to ask from Yahtzee party technical support team.