Vacation Adventure Pogo games

Vacation Adventure Pogo game is a challenging hidden object game that takes you to new & exciting locations all around the world. With this online hidden object game, you can visit hundreds of locations around the world for non-stop fun. To earn a higher total score, you can play a variety of Vacation Adventure Pogo games. Beside this, there are wide-variety of power-ups that help you to along your Big City Adventure. Just gather a postcard and discover obscure and fascinating facts from each location that you visit! If you want to know more about Vacation Adventure Pogo games, then get in touch with our professionals and gather all information that you need.

How to play Vacation Adventure Pogo games?

In this game, you have to collect hidden objects while traveling the famous streets of cities all over the world.

  1. There are 12 hidden objects that you have to find in each Big City Adventure level. You can find the hidden objects just by clicking on them.
  2. Once you find all 12 objects, just collect your postcard for that location. After that, you will be directed to next location and then hidden object game level.
  3. If you need any kind of help then you can use the various Power-ups. Actually, there are some hint stars through which you can start your adventure. Once you run out, wait for some time to recharge hint stars, find more hint stars within the scenes and even purchase more hint stars.
  4. At the end of each episode, there are many different challenging Big City Adventure mini-games. Just complete all levels one by one to add to your high score!

If any error arises while playing Vacation Adventure Pogo games then approach Vacation Adventure Tech Support immediately.

There exists a variety of Power-ups that help you on your Big City Adventure!

Hint Star – You can use this to reveal the location of one hidden object.

Targeted Find Star – You can use this to reveal the location of a particular object of your choice.

Extra Object Star – It adds 6 bonus objects.

Skip Star – Through this, you can skip a mini-game level and proceed to next level immediately.

Tips and tricks that help you along the way!

  1. There are some words that are highlighted in blue are hidden in locations. To spot them, you have to zoom in closer.
  2. There are some hint stars that help you to find objects faster.
  3. If you find objects back to back, it more beneficial for you as from there you can earn Quick Find bonus points that add to your overall Big City Adventure game score.
  4. There are no time boundations in vacation Adventure Pogo game. But if complete the level at faster speed, Time Bonus will get higher.
  5. Using Skip star, you can skip to a particular mini-game level. Moreover, playing the mini-games will help you to increase your overall score for the particular episode.
  6. By using More Objects star, you can discover more items and this will also increase your score.

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